Personal Website for Upstream.

NIU created a corporate website for Upstream which highlights the values that it champions, in a clear and concise way, through simple yet effective website design.

:: Intro

Mikela Fenech Pace is a successful HR professional, executive and team coach, author and public speaker. She uses Upstream to guide businesses through various challenges. These include employee engagement, communication and decision-making and so on. In doing so, she equips business leaders with the skills necessary to deal with challenges in the workplace as well as focusing on business growth through the enhancement of employee strengths and talents. NIU was in charge of the development and design of Upstream’s corporate website. Through this, we were able to tell the story of this HR professional as well as highlighting her strengths in the business field.

:: Challenge

The challenge was to create a website that is easy on the eye and a space to share her work and what she does. 

:: Live Chat Feature

This feature is an extension of this important concept of engagement, which is a running theme in this corporate website. This feature increases the level of engagement on the website through the convenience of having a live chat where clients can quickly shoot a message which is then answered in a timely manner.

:: Blog Section

To keep corporate website visitors in the loop with the latest news related to HR, spanning from what kind of job it is to the recent struggles having to do with remote working, we implemented a blog section. This is a section which many websites have and it is key to retaining visitor engagement.

:: UI/UX

Our UX and UI modules ensure that, when it comes to corporate website design and development, our digital marketers give the utmost importance to user satisfaction, and work towards improving the usability, and efficiency of user interactions on each corporate website. We do this by developing corporate websites which are straight-forward and easy-to-use, where visitors get everything they need to know about the business from the get-go. This is especially true in the home page, which starts with Mikela Fenech Pace’s tagline “Engaging people for business success,” and then goes into what she does, how her services make a difference to businesses, testimonials and more. This page then contains a contact form which allows website visitors to get in contact.

:: Website Preview