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Vibrant eCommerce Website for Panta

for Vibrant eCommerce Website for Panta at NIU Ltd.
Panta came to NIU to design and develop an eCommerce website.
NIU was assigned with designing and developing a flexible eCommerce experience for the online store.

Streamlined online experience.

Panta is made up of 5 companies, specialising in all building needs and providing the best quality service. To present a streamlined eCommerce experience, NIU designed a bold and feasible navigation system. Each and every service is categorised according to the client’s needs.


The list of services is equally as important as the online store. The home page showcases all the services and a popular products list with a product search bar. Items can easily be added to cart and checked out.
  1. Home
  2. View Services - Get in Touch
  3. Online Shop
  4. View Product
  5. Checkout


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