NIU have developed & designed a website solution which matches the needs of the Hudson Group  

NIU bring a carefully curated eCommerce website solution to the fore in their corporate website development for the Hudson Group.

:: The Brief

The Hudson Group is a Maltese based, quality fashion and sportswear retailer and distributor, with an international presence throughout Southern Europe and North Africa – with established offices from Italy to Morocco, and from Tunisia to Spain. The group was formally founded in 2006, however the groups’ origins in Malta can be traced back over thirty years, holding the notoriety as the first local retailer to sell the first pair of Nike trainers on the island! With their extensive portfolio of fashion and sportswear products and brands on offer, the group require premium eCommerce website solutions, which we at NIU have carefully blended into our corporate website design and development strategy for the group. By inclusion of our payment gateway module, we have given the Hudson Group added assurance that their eCommerce website payment needs are met with the utmost in security and user accessibility.

:: Intro

NIU are thrilled to produce an ongoing corporate website design and development strategy for the Hudson Groups’ corporate website. The Hudson Group is a long established and well recognised retailer and distributor of international sport and fashion brands in Malta and beyond. By employing our team of highly experienced web designers here at NIU, we have been able to provide the esteemed Hudson Group with an eCommerce website solution which brings a high degree of visibility to the enviable range of quality fashion wear and sportswear brands and products which the group represents and distributes.

:: Corporate Website Development

Our network of highly qualified web designers and developers at NIU have developed a corporate website design and development strategy for the Hudson Group which meets the individual specifications of this highly esteemed client. In our beautifully presented corporate website for the group, which also incorporates premium web hosting solutions to meet the specific hosting needs of the group, we have ensured that no detail is left unattended. Website visitors to the groups’ corporate website are invited on a user experience which is simultaneously effortless and straightforward, whilst maintaining its’ high visual appeal on every page and at every click.

:: Website Preview