Redesign of ARQ Educate’s eCommerce website

NIU redesigned ARQ Educate’s eCommerce website to support their various training programmes, with the aim of upscaling the labour market.

:: The Brief

ARQ Educate is a division of ARQ Group and is made up of a team of experts who have been providing training both internally and at the request of their clients for numerous years.  This has resulted in the establishment of a dedicated training section of the ARQ group.

ARQ Educate provides a wealth of knowledge and training with respect to current important topics, in order to help individuals progress in their careers as well as meeting their regulatory training requirements. The training they offer includes short online courses, customised training programmes, regulatory training compliance, classroom / physical training, webinars and forum events. The topics which are covered in the courses are related to GDPR, Finance, Law, as well as topics touching upon iGaming.

NIU made it a point to redesign a website which met all of our client’s needs by ensuring that their professional training courses take centre stage.

:: eCommerce

When it comes to developing websites NIU takes a modular approach. This approach is great as it gives us the flexibility to add or remove sections, modules, and features without having to reconfigure every aspect of the eCommerce website, each time. This makes all changes to the website easy and hassle-free. Our team does the technical work behind the scenes, while the eCommerce website remains fully-functional and open to business as usual.

:: UI/UX

ARQ Educate’s new, professional eCommerce website showcases their services and training courses in a clear and concise way. It is of vital importance that the websites we create are easy for visitors to navigate as well as being fun to use. This keeps visitors interested and makes them curious to learn more, encouraging them to make further interactions with the company. In this day and age, when importance is given to the User Interface and User Experience, the company will continuously reap the rewards.

This is done through the 3 categories, and the drop down menu on the homepage. The “About Us” category speaks all about the, as a company and gives more details about the individual team members, as well as their partners. This is important as visitors who will be looking for training courses will want to know who will be in charge and who will be conducting the courses. 

The next category “Courses & Events” is very straight-to-the-point and gives students various options in terms of course venues – either online courses or classroom courses. The “e-learning” section is of particular relevance. That is, the section shows that this company is up-to-date on what is going on in the world today, takes these issues into consideration, and is ready to be flexible with their students.

Interestingly, booking a course on the website works similarly to any other eCommerce site as it ads the service to the cart and then leads to a checkout option.

:: Website Preview