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New Corporate Website for the ERA

for New Corporate Website for the ERA at NIU Ltd.
NIU was approached by the ERA to design and develop a secure and user-friendly website that lists all of its services and objectives.
The ERA requested a variety of modules which contribute to the overall functionality which we implemented into the web build. These include an accessibility widget, social media feed integration.

The Brief

The Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) is the entity which is centered around policy-making and Government negotiations which safeguard the interests of the Environment in Malta. NIU was tasked with designing and developing a responsive corporate website that lists all of ERA’s services and objectives.

The ERA runs a web-based portal. So NIU has an SLA in place which is a service level agreement which describes the different services we are in charge of, as well as the maintenance of these services over a period of time.



The ERA required their corporate website to feature a user-friendly and simple-to-follow UI/UX. Content is arranged in clearly marked sections which are easy to navigate by means of the drop-down menu bar, which adds to the user-friendly nature of the corporate website.

The NIU team also made use of a simple template design that kept the focus completely on the text as well as the colours; green, black and white which complement the ERA’s branding.

Accessibility & Multilingual Module

When it comes to public information websites, it is pivotal that these are easily accessible to anyone. Hence, NIU has implemented a real-time widget to the ERA corporate website in order to keep users of their community informed in real-time. Our team also installed a new, multilingual module. This is because we recognise the value to our clients of having a corporate website which is capable of being accessible to users from a variety of multilingual backgrounds.

Additional Modules


Online Payment Portal

In this day and age, with the growing popularity of the Internet and technological advancement, having the facility of an online payment portal improves and speeds up internal process.

When it comes to web development, creating an online payment method designed to be accessible to all users and customised for the organisation’s needs is fundamental. NIU did just that for the ERA. Through our expert web development skills, we created a secure and user-friendly online payment portal.

Advanced SEO

Search engine optimisation is crucial for every website, be it a corporate website or an eCommerce website. As a web development company that offers excellent digital marketing services, NIU also specialises in the creation of a company’s digital presence, by means of search engine optimisation.

We saw it as vital to install social media integration systems in order to ensure that the ERA reaches their target audience more easily and with greater efficiency. This is because social media websites will provide you with a platform to build trust with users as well as keeping them informed and engaged with regular posts and news, particularly with respect to important environmental matters.

GDPR module

It is super important to us at NIU that all information on the website be easily accessible and effectively communicated through the web design due to the new GDPR rules and the Freedom for Information Act. So we made it a point to be completely transparent about the way personal information from website visitors is obtained.

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