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Clever Web Design & Development for Naudi Mizzi Industry

web design & development
Naudi Mizzi & Associates needed a new web design & development with advanced SEO.
NIU’s team of industry web design experts was tasked with developing a Search Engine Optimised website for Naudi Mizzi & Associates.

The Brief

Naudi Mizzi & Associates approached NIU’s team of industry web design experts requiring a website developed with Search Engine Optimisation in mind. The client was in need of a simple, user-friendly site that conveyed a fair amount of detailed information. It also needed to maximise the firm’s search visibility.

Naudi Mizzi & Associates is a prestigious independent law firm in Malta that provides a range of civil, corporate, and financial services. Founded in 2007 by Antoine Naudi and Kathleen Mizzi, the firm prides itself on a tightknit team who offers clients expert advice based on integrity and strong moral values.

The SEO aspect of the site was of particular importance to Naudi Mizzi as they were hoping to gain a wider audience both locally and internationally. While the design of the site itself needed to be simplicity itself, it posed its own set of unique challenges. NIU was more than equal to the task, however.


Minimalist Design

Naudi Mizzi were keen for their new site to encapsulate their credibility and reputation as one of Malta’s most-trusted law firms. It was important that we understood Naudi Mizzi’s brand and clientele in order to reflect their values throughout our design. We offset the corporate nature of the company’s web design with stunning imagery of Malta. This helped evoke the firm’s personability rooted in long-standing Maltese democratic principles.

The biggest challenge we encountered in designing this site was how to lay out the vast amount of text it needed to host. Users can easily be put off when faced with a text-heavy site. However, a company like Naudi Mizzi relies on conveying detailed information to its prospective clients. We needed to strike a balance between keeping the text succinct yet thorough.

Beyond design

Heebo Font

In order to break the information down into digestible chunks, we columnised and partitioned the text on the tailor-built WordPress site as much as possible. We inserted clear menus and sub-headings throughout. This made for an easy-to-scan website where users could quickly locate the information most relevant to them. We also experimented with various fonts, ultimately settling on Heebo Font due to its legibility on desktop, mobile, and tablet, no matter the screen size.

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"It was a pleasure working with Gerhardt and his team at NIU in the development and design of our firm's website. Apart from being very professional and co-operative in their approach, NIU's response time was great which allowed us to meet our intended launch."
Antoine Naudi :: Partner
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