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UI/UX & Development for Mgarr Farms

for UI/UX & Development for Mgarr Farms at NIU Ltd.
Mgarr Farms came to NIU to design and develop an eCommerce website.
NIU was tasked with the UI/UX, design and development of the online store of fresh fruit & vegetables.


Mgarr Farms needed a website with a streamlined checkout process. We focused our UX phase on how to create a customer experience with as few clicks as possible.
  1. Shop
  2. Product
  3. Add to Cart & Checkout


Responsive Development.

"We can finally have a restful break after a long hard working day while our clients can easily order their fresh fruits & veg online. NIU has helped us facilitate the way our customers can order and also the way we handle those orders, the stock, deliveries, and everything in between. We surely are grateful for the step forward we have taken."
Miraine Galea :: Purchasing Manager
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