NIU deliver ongoing website design and development services for the MFSA

NIU are committed to ensuring the highest quality corporate website development for the MFSA.

:: The Brief

The MFSA, The Malta Financial Services Authority is the sole financial services regulating body here in Malta. With commitment to regulation in banking, financial institutions, insurance companies and a whole host of financial initiatives and schemes – from private investment schemes to pensions. Additionally, the MFSA holds an advisory position to the Maltese government, aiding in the creation of financial service policies. With such an extensive service portfolio it is necessary for the MFSA group to have a corporate website which seamlessly and skilfully demonstrates the scope of their activities – that is why NIU have committed to devise a corporate website development strategy for the group which is both accessible, attractive and informative. 

:: Intro

NIU have been involved in ongoing corporate website development for the MFSA, Malta’s sole regulator of financial services. With a broad service portfolio, the MFSA required a corporate website design which would present this wide range of services in a clear and efficient manner. With over 700 pages of website content to work with, our skilled design and development team at NIU have produced a corporate website which achieves its purpose beautifully.

:: Corporate Web Design & Development

At NIU our team of expertly trained website designers are committed to delivering corporate website design and development solutions which carefully and efficiently suit the individual needs of our esteemed clientele. Our collaboration in the ongoing corporate website development for the MFSA is no different – we strive to consistently deliver corporate website design solutions which make sure the groups’ service portfolio is both easy to navigate, and easy on the eye. The prestige of the MFSA goes without question – as the single financial services regulator in Malta, they have a service portfolio like no other – it is the task of our designers at NIU to ensure that this is efficiently and effectively managed and displayed in our corporate website development for the group. Visitors to the MFSA’s corporate website are directed through the website interface with ease – allowing the user to browse and search the extensive financial services portfolio of the MFSA in a simple yet visually appealing way.

:: Website Support and Maintenance

Considering the sensitive nature of the range of services and clients which the MFSA handles in their work, our corporate website development required the compliment of the very best in website support and website maintenance. At NIU we have a range of website support tools which ensures our clients can rest assured that we have them covered. NIU’s provision of 24/7 critical support gives peace of mind that our website support is on hand day or night to tackle any sort of online emergency or blip. Our uniquely qualified team at NIU are proud to offer our premium support services to the MFSA, ensuring their website is continually supported and maintained to the highest degree.

:: Website Preview