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Marsovin eCommerce Website

Marsovin came to NIU to redesign and update their website to eCommerce.
NIU was assigned with the redesign and development of the website.

Experiencing eCommerce.

Marsovin is a household name in Malta for producing premium wines. This reputation was steadily gained after a century of winemaking, establishing high standards internationally. NIU was tasked to redesign and develop their website to eCommerce. This allows customers to access all the products and purchase directly online.


Marsovin needed a website with a streamlined checkout process. For the UI/UX process, we  created a customer experience with as few clicks as possible.

  1. Home
  2. Online Shop
  3. Display Product
  4. Add to Cart / Checkout


"We have commissioned NIU to create a new eCommerce site for Marsovin. NIU understood the brief and provided a final product which well reflects the Marsovin brand guidelines and story. We enjoyed working with the NIU team on this, who were readily available and helpful to provide timely action and support as requested."
Anthony Bonnici :: Marketing Manager
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