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Marsovin eCommerce Website

for Marsovin eCommerce Website at NIU Ltd.
Marsovin came to NIU to redesign and update their website to eCommerce.
NIU, Malta's leading web development company, was assigned with designing and developing Marsovin' eCommerce website.

eCommerce Rebuild & Website Design for Marsovin Wines

It’s not every day that NIU - a leading web development company in Malta - gets the opportunity to collaborate with a brand that boasts over a century’s worth of heritage. So when iconic Maltese winery Marsovin approached us for a complete redesign of their website, we couldn’t wait to inject our new-school sensibilities into this esteemed winery founded in 1919.

Marsovin sought out our award-winning web development services with two main goals in mind. Firstly, they wanted to establish a digital presence that truly reflected their time-tested values, products, and legacy. And secondly, the local winery wanted NIU’s talented web developers to completely rethink their existing website and transform it into a simple-to-use eCommerce platform. All that duly noted, NIU got to work.


  1. Home
  2. Online Shop
  3. Display Product
  4. Add to Cart / Checkout
NIU is much more than just a web development company. As seasoned digital marketers with a number of successful eCommerce projects under our belt, we are also hyper aware that the purpose of any online shop is to engage users, covert visitors into customers, and increase sales. When developing Marsovin’s website, we made sure to keep their target audience in mind—the silver spenders who love the convenience of getting their favourite vinos delivered directly to their door. A streamlined checkout process was key to converting this audience’s visits into sales. As such, the UI/UX process was designed to create a customer experience that required as few clicks as possible. We created a no-nonsense three-step user experience. One, users enter the online store. Two, they add their wines with a simple click to the cart. Three, they pay and checkout, having experienced a super sleek service with zero faff and interruptions.

Deferential Design

Marsovin has established a very definitive brand identity for itself over the years. The winery’s marketing materials have always exuded a certain urbanity and sophistication. When designing their new website, the NIU team immediately knew this wouldn’t be a case of reinventing the wheel. Our mission was to keep the website’s design consistent with Marsovin’s recognisable image while giving it a subtle, modern twist. After coming up with some ideas for the website’s layout based on an initial website structure, we immersed ourselves in Marsovin’s branding guidelines, making sure to select the appropriate colour tones, fonts, and imagery. The final result is a timeless website that encapsulates Marsovin’s heritage and status as Malta’s finest wine producer.


"We have commissioned NIU to create a new eCommerce site for Marsovin. NIU understood the brief and provided a final product which well reflects the Marsovin brand guidelines and story. We enjoyed working with the NIU team on this, who were readily available and helpful to provide timely action and support as requested."
Anthony Bonnici :: Marketing Manager
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