NIU are proud to deliver Lovin Malta with their digital solutions

NIU have provided website hosting solutions, technical support, and ongoing website development for the Lovin Malta group’s vast array of projects.

:: The Brief

Lovin Malta is an online portal which gives a broad picture of everything on offer across the Maltese Islands; from daily local news stories, tips on the best restaurants and leisure activities, insightful opinion pieces on local issues, real life stories and so much more. Since its inception Lovin Malta has proven its’ popularity across the Maltese Islands as a hub for those seeking a vibrant, interactive and alternative view of what the Maltese Islands have to offer. Bearing this in mind, our experts are committed in delivering a website design solution for Lovin Malta which beautifully reflects the colourful and diverse content which the group produces.

:: Intro

NIU have provided website hosting solutions, technical support, and ongoing website development for the Lovin Malta group’s vast array of projects, such as the Lovin Music Awards which required our experts to design a custom voting module. In our finely detailed website design and development for the group we have included advanced SEO options, which ensures the very best in user experience and engagement with the Lovin Malta website. By inclusion of a state-of-the-art GDPR module, our team at NIU have given Lovin Malta the reassurance that they continue to process user data in a compliant and secure manner.

:: Advanced SEO Module

To ensure that the Lovin Malta group continues to uphold its broad and diverse online audience and presence, bringing their rich content to the fore of what they do so well, Lovin Malta sought a host of advanced SEO solutions in their website development. Our team at NIU are richly experienced architects of SEO solutions and have dedicated a great deal of time in carefully analysing and auditing the existing structure of Lovin Malta’s website, so as to deliver the tailor-made SEO solutions which the company required. Upon completion of our carefully curated analysis, NIU delivered high-level messaging solutions and social media integration services, to support the Lovin Malta group in maintaining dialogue and interaction with their target audience with ease and efficiency.

:: GDPR module

Being GDPR compliant nowadays is of utmost importance to any organisation, and Lovin Malta are certainly no exception. Adhering to the latest legislative procedures and honouring consumer consent in the use and processing of site user’s personal data is a key aspect of GDPR compliance. At NIU we have developed a GDPR module which allows Lovin Malta to obtain and curate personal information from their website visitors in an entirely transparent and efficient manner. Lovin Malta can rest assured that we have provided them with a GDPR module which gives the group absolute peace of mind that they are collecting and utilising user data within the appropriate legal parameters.

:: Website Preview