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User-friendly eCommerce Website for Junior’s

for User-friendly eCommerce Website for Junior's at NIU Ltd.
NIU developed a user-friendly WooCommerce website for Junior’s toy store.
Junior’s toy store approached NIU in search of a user-friendly WooCommerce theme development website capable of filtering through hundreds of products in seconds.

The Brief

NIU has completed many successful, tailor-made eCommerce projects over the years. We are experts at creating webstores that achieve high sales conversions through intuitive design and simple, unobtrusive user interfaces.

Junior’s Fun & Learn Centre opened its very first outlet back in 1985. Today, the brand operates across six stores around Malta and has become a household name among kids and parents looking for all the latest fun-tastic toys, party supplies, board games, outdoor toys, and more.

More recently, Junior’s has seen increased interest from local customers wanting to browse and shop their products from the comfort of home. Realising they urgently needed a slick new website that could keep up with online shopping demands, Junior’s got in touch with NIU.

Given the wide demographic of their customer base, Junior’s needed their online store to be user-friendly for both young and old. Juniors were also keen for their website to replicate the in-store browsing experience of toys being shelved by brand, type, and age group, making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for.

Objectives crystal clear, NIU’s web developers opened up their very own toy box of digital tools and set to work building a powerful eCommerce site that’s intuitive, scalable, and converts clicks to sales.


With tons of successful eCommerce projects under our belt, NIU has become a master at streamlining a webstore’s UI/UX fox maximum sales conversions.

  1. Home
  2. Shop
  3. Product
  4. Add to Cart
  5. Checkout

We achieved this for Junior’s by making the checkout experience a breeze. We incorporated clear and concise Order Summaries that fit comfortably on one page; both guest and returning customer check out experiences; simple forms to fill out; and secure payment gateways that clients recognise and trust.


Galindo & Rubik Regular

Price and convenience reign on any webstore. However, it’s easy to lose customers even if you’re offering the greatest deals when the design does not convey in a simple and effective manner what your website is all about.

NIU’s team of expert digital marketers understand that a webstore’s product page is the most important page on your eCommerce site. For Junior’s, we created a simple, clean template design that draws inspiration from their established logo and brand colours.

Our web designers know how to grab a consumer’s attention through an array of subtle psychological triggers implemented into the layout design. Toy images are displayed clearly without clutter to make them appear more desirable. Key details, such as price, discounts, and loyalty points are conveyed concisely through bold, legible fonts. Bright Add To Cart buttons under each and every listing are designed to catch the eye.

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