Intercomp’s superb eCommerce website

intercomp eCommerce website

During the design and development of Intercomp’s eCommerce website, we used our expert modules to fill the website with a plethora of important sections like advanced checkout, a live chat and a newsletter.

:: The Brief

NIU created an eCommerce website specifically tailored to the aims and objectives of Intercomp. Intercomp provides a great deal of products and services, ranging from a large array of electronics to electrical appliances and household appliances. With five stores in Malta, Intercomp is one of largest retailers of these particular products, selling well-known, leading brands including Apple, LG, Samsung, Microsoft, Canon, Logitech and many more. They take great pride in delivering specific solutions that meet their customers’ particular requirements.

:: eCommerce website

NIU offers a wide range of fantastic eCommerce website solutions, spanning from website design, payment processing, and much more. This comes from our wealth of knowledge garnered through our many years of experience working with our clientele. During the development of Intercomp’s eCommerce website, NIU made use of the terrific WooCommerce platform which is very well-regarded when it comes to the building of websites. It’s capacity to integrate effortlessly into WordPress gives it the edge over other eCommerce platforms. It also creates websites which are easy-to-update whenever the necessity arises.

Intercomp banner image

:: Design

Intercomp’s eCommerce website has a large variety of products which we were able to showcase to visitors through our expert website design modules. We did this through our clever use of the homepage, from the numerous classifications, which open up into drop down menus, to the various other components which we believe would attract visitors further. These products include laptops, TVs, mobiles, and a more recent invention, robot vacuum cleaners, which are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Therefore, in order to ensure that customers could land on their desired products quickly, NIU also added a search filter at the top of the homepage that enables one to sift through the store’s large range of products. This is because their eCommerce website is very well organised and has all the appropriate subdivisions in terms of products, which makes it easier for visitors to navigate.

:: Newsletter

We also installed a Newsletter section in this eCommerce website which includes periodic updates, news, events communicated etc. Companies send newsletters weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on their goals and business activities. 

Our digital marketing experts see the value that newsletters provide businesses as they are an important component of effective email marketing and branding. 

While newsletters are useful in getting attention from prospects, their primary importance lies in their ability to maintain ongoing connections with contacts and existing customers.

:: Live Chat

Live chat support is one of the most convenient yet dynamic ways to communicate with your customers. This is because, with live chat, you can turn every interaction with visitors to your eCommerce website into a better experience and build longer relationships. This sense of personalised, individual attention helps customers to feel, not only special and gives the feeling that their individual queries are being answered, but it helps them to further engage and connect with the brand. Increasing customer satisfaction is a surefire way of increasing conversions.

:: Advanced Checkout

The checkout step was vital in the creation of Intercomp’s ecommerce website. For this particular client’s online shop website, we made use of a quick and hassle-free checkout system which simplifies the checking out process significantly for their customers.

:: Website Preview