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Intelligent eCommerce Website for Intercomp

Intelligent eCommerce Website for Intercomp
Intercomp came to NIU for custom eCommerce web development.
NIU was tasked with the responsive web development of what is today Intercomp’s widely successful eCommerce store. Our team built an intuitive website with a fantastic online shopping experience.

eCommerce built for the customer experience.

The website is a one-stop-shop for individual and corporate clients interested to purchase some of the biggest brands including Dell, Apple, Bose, Brother, Canon amongst other prestigious names and learn more about Intercomp. NIU built Intercomp’s widely successful online store with advanced integrations and features to enhance the customer experience including live chat.


Responsive Development.

"I've been working with NIU since their inception, and over the years, we have launched multiple websites across the various Alf Mizzi & Sons group of companies. These ranged from simple websites and online games to high-traffic media and e-commerce websites.
Apart from their obvious technical expertise and prowess, I highly value the sense of ownership and pride that they take in their work. This is expressed in many forms: the ongoing constructive feedback on all of our projects, their commitment to identify and fix issues before we even notice them ourselves, and their constant drive to push us harder and harder to maximise our sales through our e-commerce website. It is refreshing to feel that you are viewed and treated as a partner and not seen as a burden by your service provider.
We still have multiple projects in the pipeline, and with NIU as our partner, I feel comfort in the fact that I will be guided honestly and unselfishly through the scoping of the project, and that the solution that we eventually develop will be visually attractive, intuitive and scalable."
John P. Casaletto :: CEO

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