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Informative website development for the 4th Mediterranean Water Forum Event in Malta

for Informative website development for the 4th Mediterranean Water Forum Event in Malta at NIU Ltd.
NIU provided an interactive multi-lingual website for Medwater, placing particular attention to the 4th Mediterranean Water Forum Event in Malta.
We were responsible for creating an engaging website which is designed to attract users of all ages.

4th Mediterranean Water Forum Event in Malta

Water is a resource which is invaluable to all, be in human activity or our vast ecosystems. This is why the World Water Council is continuously working to make the water issue a top issue within the global stage. Medwater’s 4th Mediterranean Water Forum will outline how the mediterranean region is developing a framework through the Union for the mediterranean's Water Agenda. This is because, with the demographic changes, tourism development, land planning and the impact of climate change, the issue of water security is of particular importance.

Water security requires technological innovation and significant behavioural changes, which is why it is vital that the lines of communication remain continually open. The reason that this Water Forum is centred around the mediterranean region and will take place in Malta is because it is aimed at presenting the mediterranean as a hub of innovative water management approaches which have been locally developed or adapted to address the challenges experienced in the region.


Medwater’s website features a great UI/UX which incorporates a very easy-to-use and automatic registration process. Our digital agency incorporated several focused filters at the top of the website to ensure customers don’t have to waste time scrolling through pages to find what they are searching for. This is particularly important when the website’s purpose is an informative one.

Additional Modules


Animated Design

Good first impressions are everything, especially in website design. This is because it takes a user milliseconds to determine whether they’re going to stay or leave your site. In fact, when it comes to creating a flawless website design, our digital agency gives a lot of importance to a website’s functionality and design, particularly in the case of Medwater. Our digital agency hosts expertly skilled web designers who develop websites which not only go hand in hand with our clients’ goals, but that express the values.

When planning a website design, NIU took inspiration from the colour and movement of water. For the homepage we created an eye-catching animated water effect. The animated homepage is not only attractive to visitors, but it also complements Medwater’s main focus; water. We also incorporated certain water-inspired designs and patterns such as waves, as well as a scalloped edge design. So NIU made sure to reflect these integral values through the site’s design by creating a clean and simple layout that evokes a sense of calm one feels when travelling across the mediterranean sea, through its mix of refreshing blues and white.

Multilingual Module

In the case of websites which are centred around public information, our team installed a new, multilingual module. This is because we recognise the value to our clients of having a website which is capable of being accessible to users from a variety of multilingual backgrounds.

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