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Website Design for Information & Data Protection Comissioner

for Website Design for Information & Data Protection Comissioner at NIU Ltd.
NIU was responsible for the website design, development, user interface and usability (UI/UX), and strategy for the IDPC’s new corporate website.
The IDPC requested a variety of functionality to be implemented into the web build, including an accessibility widget, blog, a newsletter module, and complaints forms.

The Brief

The Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner is Malta’s national supervisory authority responsible for monitoring and enforcing GDPR and Data Protection Act compliance.

IDPC commissioned NIU to develop their new corporate website. The website would act as an official hub that provides detailed GDPR and Freedom of Information legislation to the general public. It was important that all information on the website be easily accessible and effectively communicated through the web design.

NIU is no stranger to GDPR compliance. We’ve been strong adherents to all the new data protection laws that came into force in 2018 and have assisted countless clients in making their websites fully GDPR compliant. We treated this project with the IDPC as something of a refresher course. If we could impress the IDPC with our GDPR know-how, then surely, we knew our stuff. And as it turns out, we surely did.


Advanced Accessibility

Public information websites should be easily accessible to anyone. To ensure the IDPC website catered for low vision readers, the colour blind, and those with cognitive disabilities, NIU implemented an Advanced Accessibility widget into the site.

This widget offers users various customisable options when reading text on site. By clicking on the Accessibility Tools icon found near the top of every page, users can increase font size, change font style, change background colour, and select a variation of contrast options which enhance the website experience for the visually impaired.


Corporate Web design

The IDPC required their corporate website to feature a simple-to-follow UI/UX. Information was king on this site and it was important that the design shepherd users to the right information in moments.

We made use of a simple template design that kept the focus entirely on the text. A well-balanced use of blues and whites is not only easy on the eye, it complements IDPC’s branding and adds an air of authority to the website.

In addition to the clearly labelled menus and sub-headings, NIU’s developers also added a highly-intuitive Search Module into the website’s technical structure, which makes finding relevant information an effortless task.

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