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Health Club eCommerce Theme Development

Health Club ecommerce theme development website design
Health Club came to NIU to design and develop an eCommerce store.
Health Club got in touch with NIU to design and develop a user-friendly eCommerce website that accurately reflects the brand’s healthy lifestyle values.

The Brief

From start-ups to established players, NIU has worked with many eCommerce businesses over the years. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach never works when building sites for online merchants. That’s why we tailor each eCommerce theme development specifically to our clients’ needs.

Health Club is a local health and beauty shop that sells a variety of products. The store offers an ever-growing range of vegan cosmetics, hair care products, medical nutrition, weight management tablets, cough and cold supplements, and much more.

When Health Club approached NIU to develop their new website, their primary objective was to launch a simple-to-use online store that made it easy for customers to search for and buy their desired products. They also wanted to incorporate a Wishlist feature, allowing customers to create personalised lists of items for potential future purchase.

With a highly-successful eCommerce portfolio under our belt, NIU knew exactly what Health Club was after.


Health Club needed a website with a streamlined checkout process. We focused our UX phase on providing simple and effective ways for the user to select, add, and buy items.

  1. Home
  2. Shop
  3. Product
  4. Add to Cart
  5. Checkout

As with all our eCommerce developments, we aim for customers to check-out in five clicks or less. We achieve this by getting rid of all the clutter which too often surround products, such as unnecessarily long descriptions and multiple images, which can slow loading times.

For Health Club, we included clear product titles, one prominent product image, a clearly legible price, and the all-important Add To Cart button. Customers would have no confusion about what products they were looking at.

We also made the checkout process as transparent as possible. Customers can easily abandon a shopping cart if they feel uncertain about the final cost or whether they are incurring hidden charges. Here we created a simple Order Summary tab in the checkout section that clearly lists all products selected for purchase along with shipping options and the total.

The Health Club online store was also optimised to be mobile-friendly, making it easy for customers to shop while on the go.


Montserrat & Roboto Condensed

During our initial discussions with Health Club it became immediately apparent that this brand was about more than pushing product onto customers. The Health Club team also strives to be true ambassadors for a holistic, healthy way of living.

NIU made sure to reflect these integral values through the site’s design by creating a clean layout that evokes a sense of calm through its blend of refreshing whites, lemon yellows, azure blues, and mint greens.

We also implemented a Health & Wellness blog section into the site development. This makes it easy for Health Club to upload SEO-friendly content , which can improve the store’s visibility through search engines, promote the health benefits of specific products in more detail, and foster a sense of community between the brand and its customers—a sure-fire way to enhance customer loyalty in the long run.

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