Great eCommerce solutions used by NIU when developing VJSM’s online shop

NIU was commissioned by VJSM to create an outstanding eCommerce shop to wow its customers. From our use of top-notch cloud hosting solutions to our expert implementation of stock management integration, we at NIU created an attractive and fully-functional eCommerce shop for VJSM.

:: The Brief

VJ Salomone Marketing forms part of the V.J. Salomone Group. Their knowledge and expertise in the local market enables them to create success stories for each of the brands that they are entrusted to represent locally. Their broad experience in the fast-moving consumer goods sector spans products such as Baby Care & Family, Beauty & Personal Care, Home Care & Living, Health and so much more.

:: e-Commerce

NIU offers a vast array of powerful eCommerce solutions which range from website design, payment processing, digital marketing assistance and much more. This stems from our large wealth of experience with our many local and international companies who we helped kickstart and manage highly profitable eCommerce businesses. During the development of VJSM, NIU made use of the top-notch WooCommerce platform which is widely regarded for building online businesses. One of the main advantages it offers is how it integrates seamlessly into WordPress, to make an easy-to-update website, whenever necessary. VJSM’s eCommerce website also has a large variety of products. Therefore, in order to ensure that customers could land on their desired products quickly, NIU developed numerous powerful filters and search options that enable one to sift through the store’s range of products swiftly. This is because their eCommerce website is very well organised and has all the appropriate subdivisions in terms of products, from the get-go. Be it from the filters at the top, or as you scroll down the home page.

:: Web Hosting

When we talk about creating corporate or eCommerce websites, web hosting is one of the most important elements to discuss, by far. Firstly, it makes it possible for your website to be accessed by everyone on the web. But, it also takes care of a number of other vital factors for every website, which may not seem so obvious. Another important factor which it affects is the loading speed and overall response of your website. Slow loading times and the inability of your website to respond competently and effectively are detrimental. This is because we all know how quickly website visitors tend to bounce in and out, and this is a prime reason why people leave a website. Thankfully when working with NIU, this is not something which you will have to worry about. We only operate with the best and most efficient cloud hosting solutions which ensure the highest degree of security, website loading speed, as well as daily website backups.

:: Content Management System

When it comes to user experience, an important aspect of any eCommerce website is stock management. This is to do with keeping track of stock, as well as holding stock after an order is cancelled. It also allows VJSM to display when a product is out of stock. This is very clear on VJSM’s eCommerce website. So much so that when a product is sold out, it is not only clearly marked as such, but the image is also displayed in black and white. This is a great addition to the website as, although customers still have the option to have a quick view of the product, it also makes them well aware of the products that are in stock.

:: Website Preview