GCS’ new & branded corporate website

Through the NIU team’s excellent corporate website design and development modules, we revamped GCS’ website, giving it a great sense of brand focus. We further developed GCS’ corporate website by introducing a number of crucial modules to it, namely advanced SEO, social media feed integration, an accessibility module and so much more.

:: The Brief

GCS Malta is a professional corporate services provider in Malta.It offers, qualified and experienced teams cater to all their customers’ needs related to Accounting, Auditing, Recruitment, IT, Project Management and Marketing. GCS Malta is also a proud member of Kudos International Network Ltd, UK (KIN) which is a global network of independent accounting and auditing firms that have a global presence in around 40 countries.

:: Newsletter Module

At NIU we believe that newsletters are an important digital marketing tool and a cost-effective way to engage the clients while attracting and building a new customer base. As a digital marketing agency we also believe in the importance of newsletter marketing. This is the practice by which companies send informational and product-focused content via an email to a subscriber list that is made up of potential and existing customers. This is particularly useful for online businesses to keep their brand top-of-mind for consumers.

:: Multilingual Module

When it comes to corporate website design and development in this digital era that we are living in today, the effectiveness of your corporate website in capturing the attention of potential customers is more important than ever before. Hence, issues like language barriers can be a real challenge for many businesses that frequently work with global markets. At NIU we see this potential pitfall. Therefore, in the case of GCS’s corporate website, we installed our multilingual module in order to allow for a better user experience, as well as increasing accessibility, in terms of a broader market of customers.

:: Chat Module

Along with an increasingly convenient multilingual module, during the design and development process, we wanted our client GCS to be able to further connect and engage with their customers by means of a chat module. Now it is easier than ever for their customers to get in touch by sending a quick message via the contact form.

:: Social Media Feed Integration

Engagement is by far, the No. 1 buzzword for having a successful business in 2020. It is also the biggest and most important factor businesses can benefit from when integrating their social media feed with their corporate website as it increases brand reach and awareness. It encourages engagement with your corporate website and helps build a bigger audience on social media. This is because it can inform your customers that you have a social media presence, which can increase engagement.

:: Vacancies Page

A company’s career page can affect their choice remarkably. An active career page projects reliable brand image resulting in viewers retention. You may also get the opportunity to hire the best talent who comes past your website, in order to build a great team for your organisation and increase the trust of your clients. We also believe that incorporating this section into your website can lead to more possibilities in terms of hiring people. This is because those who come to your corporate website’s career section may not be looking for a job. However, they may learn something new about the company, or get more information that could lead them to come back when they are looking for an opportunity.

:: Website Preview