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Creative UI/UX for Gauci Borda

for Creative UI/UX for Gauci Borda at NIU Ltd.
Gauci Borda came to NIU to design and develop an eCommerce website.
NIU was tasked with the UI/UX, design and development of the online shop.

eCommerce built for the customer experience

Gauci Borda is Malta’s leading yacht chandlery and flag manufacturer established in 1963. They are the importers and distributors in the wholesale business in the industrial, marine, hardware, DIY and home improvements sector. Operating in two retail outlets, Gauci Borda intends to expand further its services both locally and internationally using online services.


Gauci Borda needed a website with a streamlined checkout process. We focused our UX phase on how to create a customer experience with as few clicks as possible.
  1. Home
  2. Shop
  3. Product
  4. Add to Cart & Checkout


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