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Corporate Industry Web Development for Ganado Advocates

Ganado Advocates tasked NIU with their web development project that captures the firm’s refreshed brand identity.
Over the years, NIU’s team has worked on a noteworthy portfolio of corporate web projects that were in need of a contemporary overhaul.

The Brief

Ganado Advocates is one of Malta’s foremost law practices with a rich history dating back to the early 1900s. The firm has offices in both Malta and Luxembourg and provides a specialised level of legal advisory services in a wide spectrum of international commercial and corporate activities. More recently, Ganado Advocates underwent a rebranding exercise to better reflect the firm’s modern approach in all its endeavours. As part of this modernisation strategy, Ganado Advocates approached NIU for a website revamp to be launched in tandem with the new brand unveiling. Ganado Advocates were looking for a sleek website that simultaneously captured the firm’s longstanding heritage and youthful, progressive spirit. The website would need to host a vast amount of information and text, detailing the firm’s many services and practice areas. Ganado Advocates also requested that the website incorporate a user-friendly blog and news section, which could be easily managed by a host of in-house contributors. The NIU team was confident that it could deliver a standout final product with a simple UI that expertly met Ganado Advocates’ vision for their brand.


Incorporation of SEO

To help drive more traffic to the new Ganado Advocates website, NIU integrated a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) moduleinto the website’s technical build. All of NIU’s Content Management Systems cater for and optimise each page using SEO techniques which allow for additional customisation. Ganado Advocates already boasted a wealth of evergreen blogs and up-to-date news, which is a sure-fire strategy to boost a website’s SEO quality. A constant stream of published content is crucial to positioning your website as a relevant answer to common questions entered into search engines. However, this is far from the only method to improve a website’s SEO rankings. Together with the Ganado team, NIU’s marketers and SEO experts sat down to determine a list of keywords that targeted areas of business where the firm aims to outrank its competitors. The agreed-upon keywords and phrases were then woven into the website’s copy and meta tags. This practice will continually help improve the website’s chances of organically reaching clients through the most relevant search terms.


Corporate Web Design

Designing a professional corporate website that is content heavy is a tricky balancing act to pull off. Information overload is a real danger that can easily hinder the website’s user experience and overwhelm visitors. NIU’s developers are experts at creating clean corporate websites that convey detailed information with clarity and conviction. The development team made good use of their well-worn utility belt of development principles for the Ganado Advocates website. A judicious balance of white space gives the content room to breathe. Columns and grids help create a consistent structure to the content, which requires less effort from visitors to process it. Boxes and borders segment the information into easily digestible info chunks, making it easier for visitors to pick out the information most relevant to them. NIU also develops all its websites with an ultra-reliable, intuitive Search Module that offers real-time results. The search bar function included on Ganado Advocate’s website makes it simple and easy for users to jump straight to the info they need.
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