Gadgets, Malta’s excellent new eCommerce shop

NIU developed a user-friendly eCommerce shop for our client, Gadgets Malta. Gadgets Malta approached NIU in search of an easy-to-use eCommerce shop extension to their corporate website.

:: The Brief

Gadgets Malta is your one-stop-shop for news, technology and innovation related to various contexts. Be it kitchen appliances, bathroom appliances, or any technology related blogs, and tech reviews, Gadgets Malta does it all. NIU was commissioned to extend Gadgets Malta’s corporate website into an online shop.

:: e-Commerce

A business’ online shop is arguably the most important part of a corporate website from a sales point of view. In fact, research in 2016 shows that about 76% of consumers go online to research a product or service before making a purchase at an actual store (Local Search Association). The fact of the matter is, if you don’t sell online or in any local online marketplaces, it’s safe to assume that every customer has to walk into your store to make a purchase from your business.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in terms of helping many local and international companies kickstart and manage profitable eCommerce businesses. Our team of digital marketers are aware of the fact that a web-store’s product page is the most crucial page on any corporate website’s eCommerce section. Therefore, we created a simple and straightforward template design. It is safe to say, that the biggest advantage to NIU’s method of developing websites is that we build in a progressive, modular way. This states that by means of our eCommerce module, our websites are not set in stone, but instead, they retain a certain amount of flexibility and leaves room for changes, improvements and expansions.

This is because it is easy for us to add or remove modules, sections, and features without having to reconfigure every aspect of your website in the future. We placed our focus heavily on the B2C aspect of the eCommerce shop, tailored especially for customers looking to buy products specifically for their desired category. NIU also integrated a great product reviews and rating module into the eCommerce shop. Through this module, customers can share product feedback, allowing users to share their views, thoughts and experiences about the products in order to help others make more informed decisions when it comes to shopping.

:: Design

Our web designers know how to grab a consumer’s attention through a wide variety of subtle yet effective psychological triggers implemented into the layout. Product images are displayed very clearly and without clutter in order to give attention to the desirability factor. Important details like the description and the price, are conveyed concisely through bold, legible fonts.

:: Online Payment

The final section of Gadget Malta’s eCommerce shop was to implement a secure payment gateway system into place. NIU used some terrific payment gateway options to ensure that the process of checking out is as safe, secure and simple. It also protects the client’s data during transactions.

:: Website Preview