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Elite Custom Web Development for Frank Salt Real Estate

for Elite Custom Web Development for Frank Salt Real Estate at NIU Ltd.
Frank Salt needed a real estate website with advanced search and custom features.
NIU was tasked with the custom web development of advanced features, security, and premium hosting of Frank Salt.

A feature-rich real estate website for Frank Salt.

Frank Salt is a real estate company founded in 1969. The company is reputable source for the property market in Malta. Frank Salt came to NIU for help with developing a feature-rich real estate website. Our team worked together with Frank Salt to build their vision. Today Frank Salt is one of Malta’s first stops for searching for property online.


Our team used state-of-the-art technologies to analyze and optimize Frank Salt’s user experience. Users can easily find properties to Buy or Rent. Users looking for Commercial properties can quickly find these. People looking to sell properties can easily register.
  1. Buy
  2. Rent
  3. Commercial
  4. Register


Responsive Development.

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