Flintapp’s colourful and interactive corporate website

During the website design and development process of Flintapp’s website, NIU introduced a number of interactive and animated elements which made it stand out.

:: The Brief

Flintapp focuses on various elements such as marketing, publishing and merchandising, the tourism sector, the education sector, as well as a number of events like galleries. NIU created a website which very much reflects the values and the flexible nature of the business. That is, a creative and interactive corporate website which is able to reach their visitors in a remarkable way.

:: Design

Corporate websites that respond to their users’ interactions or complement the user journey with functional yet captivating interaction don’t just peak users’ interest and make them smile. They actually contribute to keeping users engaged and consistently coming back for more.

NIU took the idea of an interactive website design to the next level and this would catch the attention of visitors from the get-go, upon entering the landing page. Flintapp’s corporate website made use of various images, colours and interactive elements which were anything but traditional. From the loud images, to the varied fonts, to the various videos, this corporate website creates a unique digital experience which is truly unlike any other.

:: Hosting

With the growth of technology, and the advancements being made for computers, there are many web services that are available today that weren’t available years before. As we often say, the issue of web hosting is one of great importance for every website, in this day and age, for various reasons. 

In short, A website is made up of a vast number of files and a database. These files sit on a computer, but for them to be accessible to the world wide web, the computer has to be configured as a server. Without it, the website would not be accessible to the world wide web.

:: Protecting Search Ranking

The main objective of SEO (search engine optimisation), is to ensure that a website will rank high in search engine search results so that potential customers can find the business. For example, If a website often experiences lots of technical issues, or is down frequently, Google’s search spiders won’t be able to access and crawl the particular corporate website. Even if the website doesn’t experience frequent downtimes, loading times will be slow, which will have a very negative impact on visitor interaction and often increase bounce rates.

:: Protection & Security 

It is safe to say that there is no magic pill that will make a website invincible against all viruses, hackers, and malware attacks and so on. In fact, even the biggest and most frequently visited websites suffer various attacks from time to time. However, choosing reliable hosting services can go a long way towards protecting a website from these attacks and issues. 

At NIU, our experts have several tools such as expert file hosting services that give our clients’ websites the web speed as well as the support needed for them to perform well at all times.

:: Website Preview