Digital Transformation for a Leading Food Importer

With a client-first approach, we helped FB import create a new digital experience on their new website.

:: Overview

FB Imports needed a digital revamp. Mobile and web were increasingly becoming the main source of online traffic for the industry, but FB Imports was not visible on the web. Our Task? To design, host and launch a website allowing the brand to seize on the untapped digital industry. Using rich food media and the best information available, we built a seamless experience for any customer to use.

:: Work
Bringing the in-store experience to the web.

Our challenge was to shift an industry that relies on an in-store shopping experience to the digital environment. Sounds tricky? It was. After all, we had to design a website that complimented the in-store shopping experience but was a responsive pleasurable experience for consumers browsing this touchpoint.

:: Outcome
More then just a website

What began as just an informational page that shows the company’s products was transformed into a pleasant browsing experience that entices customers to learn more about the 50+ products the company imports.