Excellent website design and development for Nubes Global

Through our specialised modules, we created a website for Nubes Global that truly encapsulates the values that they are known for, which include professionalism and responsibility.

:: The Brief

Nubes Global is an Investment Company with a vastly diversified portfolio, which brings together various industries for the benefit of their clients. They collaborate with your team to build stakeholder relationships to enhance your company’s potential. They are leaders in numerous sectors and have vast experience in market research and project development across global markets, in industries such as healthcare, design, information technology and ventures. NIU was in charge of the design and development of their brand new website and we went all out on this project. From our custom WordPress design, to the enhancement of their branding, it’s safe to say that we pulled out all the stops on this one. NIU accessed their wide array of expert modules like the GDPR and hosting modules when designing and developing  the corporate website of Nubes Global.

:: Wordpress

NIU’s web development team continues to be a strong proponent of WordPress as its Content Management System is as easy-to-use as it is highly customisable. WordPress continues to be ideal for corporate websites such as that of Nubes Global as it is very simple to upload new content. At NIU, we also make a custom WordPress website design which is based around our clients’ needs. This includes a number of functional and feature-rich themes as well as great plug-in solutions which can be tailored to a variety of our clients’ individual requirements. Additionally, at the end of every website design and development process, our team also provides a fully comprehensive training session to guide our client through the site’s features and functions. 

:: Corporate Website Design

Global Nubes’ new website is decked out with the works in terms of website design, from the clean lines achieved by the minimalist aesthetic, to the spectacular video and great soundtrack. Through the corporate website, NIU worked to create an image of the company which inspires its visitors to think bigger. All of this while projecting a professional yet minimalistic look, with the use of a number of neutral hues such as black, white and brown.

:: Hosting

At NIU, we know all too well that in order for a website to be successful in getting its message across to its visitors, it must not only be aesthetically appealing but also function seamlessly. That is, having a stylish corporate website is only one part of the equation, and it would be a pretty insignificant part of that equation if the website takes its time to load, or crashes upon user engagement. Slow loading times are often a result of very poor-quality hosting, which in turn, slows the ability of your website’s response and leads visitors to leave the corporate website as quickly as they found it. This is not an issue that any of our clients have a problem with, at NIU. Our digital marketing specialists use top-quality file hosting services which ensure that you have a custom WordPress website design which performs in the best way possible. We also use cloud hosting solutions which give the optimal security, as well as very quick loading times.

:: Website Preview