Boatcare website redesign and development of their eCommerce shop

NIU redesigned Boatcare Trading’s corporate website and incorporated a number of modules, such as our newsletter module, an advanced SEO module and more, whilst also developing an elegant eCommerce website for them. 

:: The Brief

NIU had the task to redesign and develop the corporate and eCommerce website of Boatcare Trading Ltd. This is a leading yacht management company in the Maltese Islands, geared toward the provision of tailor-made services aimed at satisfying their clients’ personal needs. While working with Boatcare Trading Ltd, NIU placed an emphasis on customer user experience and lead generation, in order to bring more awareness to their corporate website and eCommerce shop.

:: Corporate Website Design

NIU wanted to put Boatcare Trading’s story to the forefront during the process of their website redesign and development as well as to showcase their products and the various brands that they work with. Therefore, we designed a minimal corporate website with clean lines and a simple aesthetic that conveyed maximum authority making use of their key colours; white, black, blue and gold.

:: eCommerce

When it comes to the Boatcare Trading’s website process, NIU’s method of developing websites is one in which it is easy for us to add or remove modules, sections, and features. This is because these changes can be made without having to reconfigure every aspect of your website from scratch each time. This concludes to the fact that you will not have to take your website offline each time.

:: Facebook Shop Integration

Nowadays, it is safe to say that social media is an incredibly important facet of every business. Therefore, when it comes to the Boatcare Trading’s website redesign and development, this was an important element to keep in mind. NIU experts made it possible for customers to browse and shop for products over Facebook. This helps to establish our client’s social presence as more people can learn about their brand and are able to connect with them. This is also much more convenient and may in turn, generate customers who are interested in the full range of products, to Boatcare’s eCommerce website.

:: Payment Gateway Integration

A payment gateway is a transaction service that authorises credit and debit card payments for businesses. The final phase in the creation of Boatcare Trading’s eCommerce website was the implementation of the store’s payment gateway system, which will align to the highest security standards. NIU makes use of outstanding payment gateway options which ensure that the checkout process is safe, secure and extremely simple to use. We know this to be true as our payment systems offer the utmost protection when it comes to our clients’ data during transactions.

:: Newsletter Module

Email marketing is a key component of any successful marketing strategy. In particular, email newsletters are a crucial way for a business to keep their subscribers up-to-date with relevant information, and ultimately drive more leads to the Corporate website. Hence, our team incorporated a newsletter module into our clients’ corporate website. We also went a step further and ensured that this newsletter works well with their corporate website’s Content Management System. This is vital as it makes the process easier for clients to manage their mailing list, create engaging emails, track customer behaviour and more.

:: Advanced SEO Module

In order to reach a wider audience and to extend the reach of their services within their broad field of expertise, NIU provided Boatcare Trading with advanced SEO services during the redesign and development of their website. NIU carefully carried out an analysis and an audit of our client’s website, so as to deliver the personalised SEO solutions required.

:: Website Preview