Elegant e-Commerce for Maison
Brangeon Gaudin.

NIU developed an efficient and easy to use eCommerce website for Maison Brangeon Gaudin. We design and develop the e-Commerce platform.

:: Intro

The client was using old-fashioned ones without any UX functionality just to sell and show products so we have created this new website using more UX functionalities, better design by using pictures more correctly and having rich content. The users can know more about the company and products by using the website easily. 

:: Challenge

The challenging part was creating products category. We filtered all the information for the user to have a better UX, so the website right now is really easy to use, from the homepage to checkout.

:: Design

The design is elegant and easy to use. With the use of many images, to describe better the products and icons to give the website an intuitive look. This has all functionalities which are essential to be in an e-Commerce website. 

:: Website Preview