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Exquisite eCommerce website for the SG Solutions Group

for Exquisite eCommerce website for the SG Solutions Group at NIU Ltd.
NIU have developed an eCommerce website solution, uniquely crafted for SG Solutions.
Bringing an expertly blended eCommerce website solution to the fore for SG Solutions.


NIU have recently designed and developed an eCommerce website solution for the SG Solutions Group. This group is a highly esteemed and renowned provider of specialist IT services and products to a whole host of well-known and established local businesses and organisations. This venture has employed NIU’s expertly honed skills in eCommerce website solutions, to make sure that we bring this client the eCommerce website solution which they deserve, offering the highest visibility of all the products and services which the SG Solutions Group have to offer their valued clientele.


Product & Service Visibility

Utilising our highly-skilled proficiency in website design, NIU have designed an eCommerce website solution which displays the groups’ variety of products, and extensive range of IT services in a highly attractive and well-organized manner. As with any online store, it is integral that all products and services are given their chance to shine – it is highly important that the exclusive range of products and services available for sale in the SG Solutions Group online store are given equal visibility. In a layout which categorizes the groups wide selection of products in a manner which is not only easy to use, but also regularly updated, NIU have provided SG Solutions with an eCommerce solution which truly maximises the visibility and attractiveness of their offered products.

Online Shop


At NIU we recognise the value of having an eCommerce website for a client such as the SG Solutions Group, effectively automating the purchasing process and opening up a whole array of customers to their products and services in an online shop setting. The SG Solutions group offer a whole array of IT products and services and displaying this volume of content in a clear and logical manner is extremely important.

For the SG Solutions Group, NIU designed inbuilt search engine options for their eCommerce website to ensure a potential customer can easily find the specific type of product or service which they need. For the SG Solutions group we developed an eCommerce website which catalogues the groups range of products and services into categories, with each category further providing a sub-division of the different products and services on sale. The possibility to scan through the wide range of products and services which the SG Solutions Group have on offer is easily achieved, sorting search results based on popularity, price or date added.

Enquire Now, CTA

At NIU we appreciate just how invaluable a call-to-action, or CTA, button is and how it becomes one of the most important elements on a landing page or eCommerce website. We treat it as the access point to the next step of your sales process, where every click and enquiry is a potential customer, and sale, coming through.

Here at NIU, we can see that for a group such as the SG Solutions Group their CTA should offer a user experience with a high level of efficiency and functionality, even if a visitor has only just begun to browse through their page. Often, a potential customer would require a consultation process before purchasing a product or service from an eCommerce website, so this instant messaging CTA, allows each potential customer of the SG Solutions group to interact and make enquiries about any IT product or service on the eCommerce website, with one of the SG Groups’ skilled team, before making that all important purchase.

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