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eCommerce Platform for Borg Cardona

for eCommerce Platform for Borg Cardona at NIU Ltd.
Borg Cardona got in touch with NIU to transform their corporate website into a fully-fledged eCommerce platform.
The project made use of a range of NIU’s eCommerce solutions, including our stock management integrations, secure payment gateways, and product review features.

The Brief

Any pet-owner knows that raising a happy and healthy furry friend is no easy feat. Every step of the way, there are hundreds of choices to make regarding nutrition and healthcare. That’s why it’s always reassuring to have a reliable expert who can guide you on what works best for the needs of your pet.

Borg Cardona & Co. have been providing Maltese animal owners that peace of mind for over 70 years. The company continues to source the finest animal-related products and currently represents over 50 world-leading brands, covering everything from nutrition and medicines to utilities, hygiene, comfort and much more.

The pet care retailer approached NIU to transform their corporate site into an eCommerce store to make it easier for their clients to search and shop their entire product range. As they stock a huge product range, the Borg Cardona team were keen for their online store be optimized for inventory control and stock management.


Stock Management

NIU’s eCommerce modules make it easy for your business to keep track of the stock that is listed on your webstore. With 100s of products available on their site, it was important for the Borg Cardona team that visitors to their webstore are given accurate information about what’s available and not. Not only does our Stock Management module track stock levels and hide out-of-stock items, it also holds stock after an order is cancelled and sends notifications for low or out-of-stock items so the team can replenish products as needed. Adding and updating product information and prices to the webstore is also an easy task. All product information is integrated into the backend through a CSV file which syncs up automatically to the front-end for a seamless shopping experience.

Online Payment

Payment Gateways

The final phase of Borg Cardona’s eCommerce transition was to implement the store’s secure payment gateway system.

NIU only makes use of world-class payment gateway options to ensure the checkout process is simple and thoroughly safe throughout. Our payment gateways not only protect client’s data during transactions but also make it easy for retailers to efficiently receive funds for any sales.

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