ECCO’s new eCommerce website

ecommerce website

NIU was commissioned to create a sophisticated eCommerce website for ECCO which includes expert hosting services and a convenient payment gateway, among a numerous other features noteworthy.

:: The Brief

Established in 1963, ECCO was a Danish shoe manufacturer and retailer which has become a global family of shoemakers from around the world. The brand has garnered world-wide regard for its attention to detail and quality products. 

NIU was entrusted to design and build a state-of-the-art eCommerce website for ECCO which champions usability as well as stylish website design.

:: Design

The Montserrat and Cerebri Sans fonts very much reflect and play into the simple and sleek style of ECCO’s new eCommerce website. These modern, geometric fonts compliment its overall vibe and work well with warm and welcoming neutral and maroon shades.

Ecco Malta Banner Image

:: eCommerce

Our experts at NIU offer a selection of eCommerce solutions which span from website design, payment processing, digital marketing assistance and much more. It is also important to mention that we take an open-ended approach to website development which we believe is key. During the development of ECCO’s eCommerce website, the NIU team made use of the WooCommerce platform precisely because it gives us the flexibility required when building eCommerce websites that are custom to particular businesses. It also integrates easily into WordPress, to create a website which is easy to update.

:: Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is the technology that captures and transfers payment data from the customer to the acquirer. Nowadays, online payment gateways have never been so convenient but it can also be a potential security risk for the customer. At NIU, we used some terrific payment gateway options to ensure that the process of checking out is as safe and secure as possible. It also protects the client’s data during transactions.

:: Web Hosting

As a digital marketing agency, offering our clients expert web hosting is a priority for us. This is vital for a plethora of reasons. First of all, it ensures that the site remains available at all hours. Nothing will put visitors off like clicking on a link and receiving an error message due to a page failing to load. This happens when a website is down.

Another reason web hosting is key is that it affects the speed of the site. Even if your website has a great uptime, not many people will wait for a slow page to load and if the loading time is long, they will quickly move to the next site to meet their needs.

Good web hosting services also offer backup services. Performing regular backup will ensure that you are able to restore your files in the case of an attack on your site by hackers.

:: UI/UX

When it comes to the development and design process of ECCO’s eCommerce website, we placed a great deal of emphasis on the convenience factor that is vital to the conversion rate of any website. This is because no one likes sifting through a seemingly endless list of unrelated products in order to find what they are looking for. 

So we defined the main product classifications from the get-go, on the homepage. These are the “Home”, “Men”, “Women”, “Kids”, “Accessories” and “Contact Us” sections. This will give visitors a clear direction, while also showing them the other categories available. 

We also went a step further in this eCommerce website and installed drop down menus which are classified according to the product as well as the style which visitors may be looking for. This is then topped off with a number of additional filters based on price range, popularity and so on. That way, customers can reach their desired destination in as few clicks as possible. 

:: Website Preview