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ECCO Shoes eCommerce Experience

ECCO Shoes eCommerce Experience
ECCO needed an eCommerce website built to strict international guidelines.
NIU was tasked with creating a seamless eCommerce responsive website for ECCO. The website needed to have UI/UX that enables a positive customer experience.

An eCommerce experience to take ECCO to new heights.

ECCO shoes is a Danish shoe manufacture and retailer established in 1963. Today ECCO is a global family of shoemakers with ECCO stores around the world. The brand has made a name itself for its attention to detail and quality. ECCO needed an eCommerce experience in line with their international guidelines for shoppers in Malta. NIU was trusted to design and build an innovative and effective customer experience.


ECCO needed a website with a streamlined checkout process. We focused our UX phase on how to create a customer experience with as few clicks as possible. We highlighted these 4 main aspects of the user experience:
  1. Home
  2. Shop
  3. Product
  4. Add to Cart & Checkout

Typography & Colours.

Typography and colours were selected to be legible and friendly for all users and to reflect ECCO’s design principles.


Montserrat and Cerebri Sans are modern geometric fonts used together on ECCO for pronounced but warm headlines and legible copy.

Montserrat is a geometric sans-serif typeface . The design was inspired by signage from her historical Buenos Aires neighborhood of the same name.

Cerebri Sans is a design inspired by early geometric and grotesque typefaces. Subtle humanist details provide an undercurrent of warmth along with contemporary simplicity.

  1. #4b0314
  2. #f7f8fa
  3. #ffffff
  4. #767676
  5. #222222


Responsive Development.

"From start to finish Matt and his team were efficient, on-point, patient & extremely helpful. The website was designed to a T and every last specification was taken note of and implemented. The launch date was always kept in mind and we never veered, in fact the site was ready 3 days before our intended launch date which to me, won them extra bonus points. I would definitely recommend their services - every last one of them."
Christina Zammit La Rosa :: General Manager
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