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Custom Theme Development For Azzopardi Fisheries

for Custom Theme Development For Azzopardi Fisheries at NIU Ltd.
Azzopardi Fisheries contacted NIU for a custom theme development website with eCommerce and blog functionality.
We delivered an intuitive webstore experience with a customised checkout process that helps maximise sales conversions.

Azzopardi Fisheries

Azzopardi Fisheries have become a household name in Malta for selling quality fish and seafood at great prices. The business has its roots in a family of fishermen. Brothers Charles and Tony started selling the fresh catch their father would net around local markets.

The business later expanded with the opening of the first Azzopardi Fisheries cold store in St. Paul’s Bay in 1985. The brand also became the first seafood company in Malta to start importing frozen fish to the island, which gained the brand a strong international presence.

The Brief

As the local fishery is swimming steadily towards its fourth decade in business, they decided it was high time they adapt to the times with the launch of a multi-purpose webstore that would increase their digital footprint and online sales.

Azzopardi Fisheries approached NIU to develop a convenient eCommerce website capable of selling hundreds of seafood and fish related foodstuffs. This bespoke webstore would need to be capable of letting users browse and purchase a wide range of fresh products with minimum clicks for added convenience. NIU has developed tons of eCommerce websites over the years and we’ve come to be proud flag-bearers for WooCommerce platforms.


News & Blog Sections

Azzopardi Fisheries were also keen for their website to feature a simple to use blog and news section. Here, the team could upload news related to the business, special offers, recipes, as well as other fun content targeted to their core clientele.

Blogging can greatly boost your website’s SEO performance as it helps with a number of ranking factors. A well maintained blog section that is updated regularly with content that is relevant to your audience can make a huge difference to a website’s visibility in the search engines. More traffic to your site can only mean one thing, more potential for lead generation and sales through the online store.

Additional Modules

eCommerce Module

NIU offers a full suite of powerful eCommerce solutions ranging from website design, digital marketing assistance, payment processing, increasing conversions, and so much more. We have a wealth of experience in helping tons of local and international companies kickstart and manage profitable eCommerce businesses.

Azzopardi Fisheries made use of various additional NIU eCommerce modules that work in conjunction with the store itself. The delivery and shipping tables module enables customers to choose between in-store pickup or local delivery options at an address of their choice.

As Azzopardi Fisheries run time-limited special offers, we also implemented a coupon box into the checkout process. When a customer inserts their unique coupon code into the field, the checkout system automatically deducts a percentage amount off the total cost. These kinds of incentives help create a more personalised online shopping experience for customers, further adding to the convenience factor of shopping via your website.

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