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Great Corporate Website Design for CSB Group

for Great Corporate Website Design for CSB Group at NIU Ltd.
Building a website with high functionality and attractive design were key factors in NIU’s corporate website design for the CSB Group.
NIU was tasked to design a corporate website for the CSB Group which would highlight the extensive experience which this organisation has accrued in its years of delivering quality corporate services to its clients in Malta.

The Brief

Since 1987 the CSB Group has been offering a wide scope of specialised business solutions and commercial services to a whole host of private and corporate clients who are in the process of setting up a business or making a professional move to Malta. Their large, highly qualified and skilled team of over 80 professionals have a common goal – becoming the partner of choice to their prospective clientele whilst offering a variety of individually designed solutions to ensure their clients’ unique success.

It was apparent that a client of this nature and stature would truly require the highest quality in services which we have to offer here at NIU. The sheer volume of data required to be hosted and moved on to the WordPress website meant that NIU’s designers and developers had to exercise particular care whilst engineering the digital infrastructure and layout of CSB’s corporate website design.


Corporate website design isn’t necessarily a competition to create the biggest, brightest and best corporate website in town. Depending upon the projects which come our way, our expertly skilled designers at NIU are ready and willing to develop a corporate website design which showcases the ethos of your business through a carefully blended arrangement of functionality and stylish and edgy designs.

With CSB, NIU strove to curate a corporate website design which beautifully demonstrates the 30 years of excellence and invaluable experience which this company has acquired. The carefully signposted sections of the website, and high visibility of corporate website content allow for a user experience which is not only effortless, but appealing to the eye. The services which are offered by CSB are presented in a manner which is clear and concise to the user, almost encouraging you to glide through each section without hindrance.

Users are directed through the interface of the corporate website with ease, moving from the range of services and solutions which CSB offer, to the assorted industries which the group are engaged with. This is complemented by sections which include up-to-date and pleasantly presented media, further boosting the visual appeal of their entire corporate website.

Web Hosting


Google Cloud Platform

It’s one thing to pay a fortune for a stunning corporate website. It’s another thing to pay a fortune for a stunning corporate website which takes eons to load, or crashes upon user engagement. Soon your prospective client will have moved on to other things. 

Slow loading times are often a product of poor-quality hosting, slowing the ability of your website to respond competently and effectively. We have all experienced the “wheel of doom”, waiting for a page to load, and we all know what we tend to do – say goodbye!

When you come on board with NIU, this is the last thing you will need to be concerned by. We only operate with the best file hosting services on the market, ensuring you have a WordPress website which performs at its’ best consistently – just as it should.

The cloud hosting solutions which we utilise guarantee optimum security, offering lightning speed loading times and daily backups of data. We believe this is pivotal for any client who requires the absolute best in corporate website design.

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