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Detailed corporate website for Strand Electronics

for Detailed corporate website for Strand Electronics at NIU Ltd.
NIU have brought an entire range of the finest corporate website solutions to the table for the Strand Electronics Group in our latest venture.
Blending an Advanced SEO Module, GDPR Module Web Hosting and SSL in NIU’s corporate website design for the Strand Electronics Group.


Strand Electronics Group has over thirty years of solid experience in the field, providing quality electronic products to their customer base in Malta. The group are the sole distributor of Kyocera products, including after sales service of said products, on the Maltese islands. From the highest quality in printing solutions, to a host of CCTV and security systems the spectrum of electronic products supplied by the group is vast and ever developing.

Their expertise in LED Billboards and LCD Display systems, as well as being a recognised supplier of PV solar panels, ensures the group remains at the very forefront of the technology of today and tomorrow. With a large customer base, exhibiting stellar brand loyalty, having a corporate website of the highest quality is key for the group – this is why we at NIU were brought to the table, to ensure the very best website solutions for the Strand Electronics Group were crafted by our team of experts.


Our expert website designers at NIU are passionate about creating and delivering corporate website solutions which ensure that your catalogue of products and services are displayed in a manner which is both accessible and handsomely presented. Building a corporate website isn’t just about looking good, of course – it’s about ingraining the values of your business into every page and click. With over thirty years of rich expertise behind them, the Strand Electronics Group is a go to for customers seeking quality electronic solutions. By building a corporate website which contains clearly marked sections and subsections, the customer is invited into a website which is simple to navigate and appealing to look at. Moving through a beautifully presented interface, the range of products which Strand Electronics offer are clearly presented, allowing for a visually appealing and accessible corporate website.

Advanced Modules


Search Engine Optimisation

So as to ensure the maximum scope of marketing possibilities, at NIU we installed an Advanced SEO module as part of our corporate website design for the Strand Electronics Group. In order to deliver the tailormade corporate website solutions which the group required, we spent considerable time carefully analysing the existing framework of the group’s current website. Integrating social media services and high-level messaging solutions would aid the Strand Electronics Group to have a level of contact with their customer base which was both reliable and efficient.

Careful analysis of keywords related to the range of products and services which the group offer better enabled us at NIU to develop a corporate website with a stellar content strategy, which would accommodate the particular needs of the Strand Electronics Group.

Hosting and SSL

Having a speedy website is integral for any business offering its’ products or service online – the corporate website we built for the Strand Electronics Group was no different. With our expertly crafted web hosting solutions, website speed will be the least of your worries. We exclusively work with the best premium file hosting services available, ensuring the Strand Electronics Group have a specialised WordPress website which performs at its’ best at all times.

With incorporated daily data backups, unbeatable loading times and the very best in SSL security options, at NIU we have crafted a hosting solution which perfectly meets the needs of the Strand Electronic Group. These hosting and SSL security options have been specifically engineered for a Wordpress corporate website, bringing added peace of mind that your website is operating in the finest manner. Our incorporation of the latest in SSL security options gives the Strand Electronic Group added assurance that their interactions with their customer base continue to be secure and regularly backed up.

GDPR Module

The commitment to being GDPR compliant is something we take very seriously at NIU, and we recognise the importance of this to our clientele. Having the appropriate permission in the processing of customer data and following the appropriate legislative processes is of the utmost importance to any company in today’s world.

We were committed to providing a GDPR Compliance Module for the Strand Electronic Group which would ensure the group were following the relevant procedures in the acquisition and use of customer data at all times.

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