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International Maritime Law Institute Corporate Website

for International Maritime Law Institute Corporate Website at NIU Ltd.
NIU oversaw web designing and developing duties for the launch of the International Maritime Law Institute’s corporate website.
The project made use of a range of NIU’s services, including our world-class web hosting solutions and convenient newsletter modules.

The Brief

The International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) was founded in Malta in 1988 with a mission to train officers in international maritime law and promote safe, secure, sustainable shipping across international waters. Over the past 30 years, the institute has offered various post-graduate programmes and courses. Some 1000+ maritime experts hailing from 145 states have graduated from IMLI.

IMLI contacted NIU as they were in need of a new corporate website that comprehensively detailed the functions, faculty, and rich history of the institute. The project would also entail a complete restructuring of the institute’s archives, publications, and files, all of which needed to be organised and made easily accessible online.

From the start, we were aware that this project would require all hands on deck. The sheer amount of information that needed to be hosted and migrated on the site meant that NIU’s designers and developers had to take extra care whilst building the technical architecture of the site to ensure it has a high level of usability and navigability.



In order for IMLI to keep in touch with prospective students and alumni, they requested we implement a newsletter module into the website build

NIU’s newsletter systems integrate seamlessly with the website’s Content Management System, making it easy for clients to manage their mailing list, create engaging emails with personalised touches, and automatically track customer behaviour and email statistics. All out newsletter modules are GDPR compliant.


Corporate Web design

Web design isn’t all always about being the flashiest or the most eye-popping. Different projects call for different approaches and NIU’s designers are experts at marrying ultimate functionality with stylish design that perfectly encapsulates your business and values.  

For IMLI, NIU designed a corporate website that embodies the heritage and prestigiousness of this institute. Content is arranged in clearly marked sections, all made navigable via the fixed menu bar, which makes it ultra-easy for users to find what they are looking for in seconds, no matter what page they are on. We even incorporated an overarching footer menu to list each page within the site.

Well-defined content boxes on the homepage and course pages continue to delineate information and direct users to the content of most relevance to them.

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