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Corporate Website Design & Development for code.sprint

for Corporate Website Design & Development for code.sprint at NIU Ltd.
NIU were tasked with developing a website which is aimed at improving the user experience.
This project involved creating a fresh and appealing corporate website design for code.sprint.

The Brief

Code.sprint is a national coding championship which is held yearly, and is designed for students studying Computing in secondary schools, Computing/IT post-secondary and undergraduate students. NIU was tasked with coming up with a professional and interactive corporate website design which is centered around attracting the student demographic.

The main objective of this championship is to test participants’ problem solving, computational and programming skills in an environment which is different from that which the students are accustomed to, in schools and during traditional exams. This leads to world-class study programmes and mentorship for the top three code sprinters in order to further their programming skills.

The Ministry for Education is concerned with bridging the gap between education and industry, by serving as an opportunity for students to apply that which they learn in school in the workplace.


When it comes to creating a flawless corporate website design, NIU gives a lot of importance to a website’s functionality and design, particularly in the case of Code.sprint. High-quality design is vital as it increases a website’s lifespan as well as the number returning users. NIU’s developers are experts at creating very clean corporate website designs that convey detailed information with the utmost clarity. So it was important that all information on the website be easily accessible and effectively communicated through the web design. We ensure that websites are optimised for the latest smartphones and tablets. It is also crucial, however, that the balance between using the latest technology and keeping the website compatible with all major web browsers is maintained. Hence, we thoroughly test all our websites to ensure they function seamlessly on all major web browsers, so that any user from around the world will experience your website without any setbacks. We focused our efforts on the UX phase in particular, in order to ensure that three are simple and effective ways for students’ registrations and work submissions to be made and received. Another aspect which NIU addressed thoroughly when it comes to corporate website design is the GDPR compliance issue. We have adhered to all the new data protection laws that came into force in 2018 and we have assisted countless clients in making their websites fully GDPR compliant.

Web Hosting


Google Cloud Platform

Another important aspect of any website is the hosting aspect. That is, as vital as it is to have a state-of-the-art website, if your website takes a large amount of time to load, users will simply click off and go elsewhere. With NIU, there will never be such concerns, as we work with the best file hosting services which are aimed at giving you an optimal website performance. Our cloud hosting solutions ensure fast loading as well as security.

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"It is a pleasure working with the team at NIU Ltd. I am very satisfied with their responsiveness, guidance and quality of work. Their service has been exemplary, professional, knowledgeable and friendly from start to finish... I highly recommend!"
Josmar Borg :: EO (Computing)

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