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Website Development for Computime

for Website Development for Computime at NIU Ltd.
NIU have recently been asked to design and deliver solutions in web hosting for the Computime Group, a highly respected and well-known provider of specialist ICT services.
This joint venture has employed NIU’s expertly honed skills in cloud hosting and website support, to make sure that we provide the website solutions which they desired.

The Brief

For at least forty years The Computime Group have been at the very fore of ICT specialist services both in Malta and further afield, with an array of international clients. With their decades of invaluable experience, many of Malta’s largest organisations and enterprises have chosen to work in partnership with the Computime Group, as the groups’ vast portfolio of specialist knowledge and use of state-of-the-art ICT technology continues to become ever more robust and trusted.

The groups’ enviable project and client portfolio encompasses a variety of fields and organisations, and therefore the Computime Group reached out to NIU to design a landing page for their group of companies which would showcase this in an attractive and functional manner. In turn we have also provided hosting for their broad network of affiliated websites. Furthermore, we have embarked upon the process to update and maintain the group of websites of the clients and organisations which the Computime Group currently provide their expertise to.


Hosting Provision

Considering the range of businesses and organisations which the Computime Group represent, it is no surprise that efficient cloud hosting solutions are of utmost importance to them. At NIU we are proud to supply a client such as Computime Group with our cloud hosting solutions which ensure the highest degree of security, lightning speed website loading speed, 99.9% uptime guarantee and also daily website backups.

Considering the sensitive nature of some of the Computime Groups client base, premium hosting solutions and the very best in online security are crucial. At NIU we are able to offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which handles WordPress Content Management system upgrades, perform website security checks and ensures your website is compatible with the most recent browser versions. Our dedicated team at NIU will make sure your website is both online and functioning effectively at all times, via the finest in uptime monitoring. Daily backups ensure an added level of security, giving you absolute peace of mind that your website is in good hands, at all times.

Website Support


Ongoing Maintenance

With the prestigious calibre of clients which The Computime Group cater for, offering a website solution which provides the ultimate in website support and website maintenance is extremely important. At NIU we have developed a range of website support tools for our esteemed clientele and The Computime Group is no different.

NIU proudly provide 24/7 critical support, vital for any type of online emergency requiring website support, which your business may encounter day or night. Additionally, our highly experienced team offer premium website support on weekdays, ensuring any requests for non-critical website support are attended to within a 24-hour period. With over fifteen years of website development experience behind us, NIU have honed the skills and delicate approach that expert website maintenance requires.

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