Cadbury’s new corporate website

NIU was commissioned by Cadbury to develop and design their website with an emphasis on their brand, while enhancing its UX and UI for their customers.


:: The Brief

In 1842, John Cadbury opened a grocer’s shop in Birmingham where he sold 11 varieties of cocoa, and up to 16 varieties of drinking chocolate, which he prepared himself. This is because, back in the day, Tea, coffee and cocoa were seen as healthy alternatives to alcohol. Eventually, his sons, George and Richard took over what was known as Cadbury Bros and, following the extremely successful incorporation of the new technique for creating unadulterated cocoa essence, they turned it into the worldwide company Cadbury is today. Put simply, Cadbury has been ‘been inventing, inspiring and investing in a nation of chocolate lovers for nearly 200 years.’(Cadbury UK) NIU was tasked with the design and development of Cadbury’s website, and we focused on a number of important aspects such as branding UX and UI as well as web hosting.

:: Interactive Design

In every corporate website, first impressions are everything, especially where web design is concerned. It was important for Cadbury that the site highlighted their products, the ingredients that their products consist of, as well as their nutritional value. Through this website design, NIU worked to evoke the values of Cadbury through the colour palette of purple and white, which it is known for. This also works to complement their products’ packaging. We also made sure that the brand’s story and important imagery would be prominent. It is safe to say that Cadbury now has a colourful and interactive corporate website which firmly encapsulates its brand as well as putting to the forefront, the story of the company itself.

:: UI/UX

At NIU, our UX and UI modules ensure that, when designing a corporate website, our digital marketers place user satisfaction at centre stage, and work towards creating a corporate website that is of the utmost usability, and efficiency when it comes to user interactions. NIU’s digital marketing team is also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to bringing together important social aspects with website design and development in order to create a corporate website that can leave a lasting impact on customers. NIU also developed easily-updatable product descriptions and recipes which the Cadbury team can frequently update themselves.

:: Hosting

Another vital aspect of corporate website design and development is hosting. The correct Web hosting plan is crucial when it comes to driving good traffic. You don’t want to end up with a provider that slows down your site. Web hosting is also related to were the files, information and content that create your corporate website live. The website files are stored on a remote server and that computer server is called the host. Downtime is another key concept to keep in-mind when addressing the concept of corporate website hosting. This is the period when your site may not be accessible to a visitor. Therefore, an error message may appear or a blank screen when they come to visit your site. This may be a few seconds or even hours and may give an impression of unreliability upon your customer. During this time, you may be losing many valuable business opportunities which may have come your way. However, if you have web hosting from a reputed hosting organisation, then you will have little to no downtime. It may so happen that when you are having maximum traffic to your site your site temporarily faces a downtime. But, if you have dedicated web hosting then such incidents will not happen and you will have the ability to manage maximum traffic to your site.

:: Website Preview