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Mobile Experience for Cadbury

for Mobile Experience for Cadbury at NIU Ltd.
Cadbury needed a mobile-first website to encourage users to participate in a competition.
NIU was tasked with designing an intuitive & user-friendly website along with bringing a strong creative element while following brand guidelines.

An easy-to-use mobile experience.

Cadbury had the goal to run a country-wide competition to encourage people to purchase Cadbury products and interact with the Cadbury brand. The competition required users to take a photo of 3 Cadbury products they have purchased along with their receipt as well as answering a Cadbury question. NIU created a layout that effectively displayed the information to the user and designed graphics to bring the user interface to life.


Strategic and thoughtful UI/UX was fundamental to the success of Cadbury’s country-wide competition. Users needed to visit the Cadbury landing page and either learn and get excited about the competition, or enter to win. We created a layout that would first explain the competition rules along with the main prize to get users excited. On scroll a form allowed users to enter with more details. In the following sections we included a prize overview and finally a winner leaderboard. The primary user flow can be broken down to these 3 main steps:
  1. Competition overview
  2. Form - Enter to win
  3. Win or Try Again


Responsive Development.

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