Brand new corporate website for Alf Mizzi Group

Alf Mizzi Group came to NIU to develop a high-functioning, user-friendly corporate website for their corporate group.

:: The Brief

Since its inception in 1915, Alf Mizzi Group went from being a small importation business to one of the top distributors and manufacturers on the Maltese Islands. Known for its manufacture of popular brands like Elite, Spin and Innocent, as well as its marketing and distribution of up to 150 well-known brands like Frisian Flag, Rio Mare and many more, this company has truly made a name for itself in Malta as well as internationally. It is through over 100 years of perseverance from the many generations of the Mizzi family, that Alf Mizzi Group has become a success.

NIU was commissioned to create a corporate website for Alf Mizzi Group which, not only sophisticated website design and a user-friendly template for customers to navigate.

:: Design 

When it comes to any and every corporate website, website design is a vital element which is key. That is, It’s the first thing many people see when they visit your website, so you want to wow them from the second the page loads. It is crucial that the design looks visually appealing and inviting, while also being centered around and distinctly representing your brand.

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. In the case of this corporate website, the first image that visitors see may not go that far, but it certainly brings the goal of Alf Mizzi Group to the forefront of visitors’ minds. That is, it perfectly encapsulates the main aim of this company, which is to conveniently provide customers with the food products that they need under one roof.

Interestingly, this corporate website makes use of two main colours; blue and yellow. The colour blue is used to symbolise dependability. The colour yellow is associated with success and confidence. Interestingly, this colour also encourages clear thinking and quick decision making.

:: UI/UX

As always, NIU pays particular attention to the user-experience of the visitors. So they dedicated their homepage to their brands, their people and vision for their company. They then proceed to highlight the different aspects which they value as a company. These range from their numerous brands, to their company work environment and various employees schemes, to their vision for the company and mission statement.

At the right-hand-side is an extension of their homepage, in that it goes into detail about them as a company, and various career options available, while also introducing other vital elements. These include their video ads and kwiksave scheme.

:: Our Brands & Recipes

The brands section on their corporate website pays tribute to Aft Mizzi Group’s past and present endeavours and successes in the realm of manufacturing. All of their brands are classified as Confectionery, Food Cupboard, Fresh & Chilled, Frozen, Household/others, Ice Cream, Pet Food, in order for customers  

The recipes section of their corporate website shows that not only are they proud of their brands, but they want to provide customers with useful ways in which they can use their products to create tasty treats. In this way, visitors can learn how to create delicious dishes with one click of a button.

:: Video Ad Sections

Being that Alf Mizzi & sons (Marketing) Ltd was incorporated and took over the food division of Alf Mizzi & Sons Ltd, a Video Ads Section was created to cover this aspect of marketing for a number of their brands. These include brands like Cadbury, the Laughing Cow, Milka and many more.

:: Website Preview