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Impressive Branding, Web Design and Development for Benna

for Impressive Branding, Web Design and Development for Benna at NIU Ltd.
Benna approached NIU to update their website design to reflect their branding.
We delivered a colourful, interactive site that perfectly complements Benna’s product range and friendly, customer-facing marketing strategy.

The Brief

Benna is the leading processing dairy plant on the Maltese Islands, producing locally fresh milk products. NIU was tasked to design and develop their website to showcase all the products and the brand’s history. They wanted a minimal user experience to reflect the company’s ambitions and identity.

Few food and beverage brands are able to tap into the nostalgia factor quite like Benna. For many Maltese families, Benna’s products have been a dairy mainstay in their homes for generations. A big part of Benna’s enduring popularity is the quality of its fresh, locally-farmed milk and dairy products. There’s also something to be said about Benna’s branding. Their brightly patterned milk cartons are instantly recognisable to thousands at the merest of glances.

When Benna got in touch with NIU to discuss the relaunch of their website, we were excited for the opportunity to collaborate with one of Malta’s most cherished brands. Benna were keen for their revamped site to be a consumer-facing platform that would showcase their entire product range; relay their home-grown values; and throw in some fun-filled extras to boot. All in all, the website design and branding had to shout “Benna”.

With our office fridge stocked to bursting with yummy Benna milkshakes, NIU was ready to shake things up and bring something special to the dairy brand’s digital yard.


User Engagement

In the modern world where social media is king, websites can too often be disregarded as a digital dinosaur. Why should a business invest in a flashy new website when all the engagement is happening on Facebook and Twitter for free? What many businesses (and many web developers) fail to recognise, is that by implementing the right strategy, a website can not only bolster a brand’s digital presence, but it also helps foster meaningful engagement with consumers. NIU’s digital marketing team is intimately knowledgeable in how to weave these crucial social aspects into web development to create websites that leave a lasting impact. For Benna’s site, NIU developed an easily-updatable recipes page. Here, Benna’s team can upload regular recipes, all of which make use of Benna’s very own dairy products. Not only do these recipes showcase the versatility of Benna’s products, it also encourages users to revisit the website from time to time to access the latest delicious dish. NIU also incorporated a newsletter module into the site. Visitors can choose to sign up to Benna’s newsletter by clicking on a subscribe button, giving the company the opportunity to keep their consumers updated with all their latest products, offers, and news.


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