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Beleaf Website with eCommerce & Woocommerce

ecommerce & woocommerce
Beleaf needed a minimal customer experience for a new eCommerce store.
NIU was tasked with designing an intuitive and minimal eCommerce experience along with bringing a strong creative element to the web design.

Minimal eCommerce experience.

Beleaf had the goal to create an exclusive eCommerce business that would promote and educate the public about sustainable products. They wanted a minimal user experience to reflect their company’s ethos and mission. NIU designed a streamlined customer experience for Beleaf. Today Beleaf is Malta’s go to source for alternative and sustainable products.


After establishing the strategy, we got into the structural phase of the web design process. Users needed easy ways to add products to cart and checkout.
  1. Home
  2. Shop
  3. Add to Cart / View Product
  4. Checkout


Responsive Development.

"NIU are a professional team and very hands on. It was a pleasure working with them, and would definitely recommend them."
Christopher Zammit :: Managing Director