An attractive B2B website for Macbake

NIU was tasked with the design and development of an attractive B2B website for Macbake.

:: Intro

MacBake has an extensive portfolio of raw materials. The purpose of the project was to create an attractive platform to primarily display products but also to sell some products while also integrating with Eyesel stock management system.

:: Challenge

For this project we had a mixture of products some of which are for sale and some are only available to request a quote. The challenge was to process both within the same checkout. The user could have a mixture of items that can be purchased and others for which a quote will need to be processed.

:: Design

We used a mix of available technology and development to make it possible to achieve the goals of this project. The design for the UI is minimal and intuitive, so every user can find everything they're searching for in a very simple way.

:: Website Preview