Tyres2door e-Commerce

NIU designed the brand and also developed and designed the website for Tyres2door.

:: Intro

The brief was to design a brand and build an ecommerce website which is unique. As the name implies, Tyres2door, their aim is to make it easy for people to procure care tyres.

:: Challenge

The main challenge was that the client wanted to automate everything. In a nutshell, the product is linked with an outlet speciailised in tyres. While feeding products into the website, it also keeps products (prices, stock and information) up to date. Some additional functionality to further increase automation was also included such as financial invoicing and automatic sending of tracking numbers.d to be processed.

:: Mission

Open communication was very important for this project. We discussed with the client and third party providers the different options avaible and then they chose their favoured option. We wanted to offer the best service through an intuitive website and a where you can personalize your choices.

:: Design

We chose electric colors for the website, with a modern and intuive User Interface, to browse through the products and stay up to date on information.

:: Website Preview