A terrific eCommerce website for SV Beauty

NIU designed a eCommerce website for SV Beauty which displays the vast array of products spanning from Skin Care to Make up and so on. NIU ensured that shopping is made easier than ever, with a number of convenient features.

:: The Brief

SV Beauty is a maltese company which was established in 2018 as a result of the merger of the beauty divisions of VJ Salomone and Vivian Group with the VJ Salomone Group. The Company showcases a vast portfolio of leading brands, spanning from affordable beauty brands to the world’s most wellknown luxurious fragrance brands. These include Hugo Boss, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Lancaster, Max Factor, Rimmel amongst many others. NIU was tasked with creating a cutting edge eCommerce website for this company which was functional, as well as convenient for their customers.

:: eCommerce module

These days, with the growing popularity of the Internet, is it much easier to buy and sell online than ever before. It is vital for companies to adapt to this, and as a digital agency, we have a wealth of expertise gained through our work with numerous local and international companies. In the case of SV Beauty, we created a secure and user-friendly ecommerce website.

:: Stock management

Another aspect which is connected to user experience of any ecommerce website is stock management. That is, keeping track of stock and holding stock after an order is cancelled are key factors of any online shop website. As one can see when visiting SV Beauty’s eCommerce website, when a product is sold out, it is clearly marked as such in order to make customers aware of that fact and to avoid any problems.

:: UI/UX

From the perspective of a digital agency, user experience is always a pivotal factor when developing any online shop website. Our digital agency hosts skilled web designers who develop websites, and we brought our client’s online shop website products to the forefront. When it comes to SV Beauty, we spared no expense when it comes to UI/UX. This eCommerce website is incredibly easy to use and each product has a detailed description as well as extra information from the get-go, ranging from the different shade ranges, colour swatches, if there is a sale on particular products and so on. Not to mention a number of helpful reviews under various products.

:: Newsletter

A Newsletter is another important part of any online shop website. By means of the newsletter, companies send informational and product-focused content to their subscriber list of potential and existing customers. This enables customers to keep up-to-date with the latest news as well as the newest products which are on offer at SV Beauty.

:: Chat module

This was a vital step in the creation of SV Beauty online’s ecommerce website. For this particular client’s online shop website, we installed a chat module which is aimed at bringing the company closer to their audience. When it comes to an eCommerce website, there’s no better way to do so than by creating a dialogue between them and their customers, where they can easily ask questions and get more information about the products that they want to purchase on the online shop website.

:: Website Preview