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Our Approach

Can we design and develop a website which looks just as delicious as this restaurant’s superb dishes? Certainly! Now that’s a challenge we were eager to roll up our sleeves for. Impeccable photography of some of the restaurant’s star dishes was at the top of our agenda. After our first meeting with the client we proposed one website for both restaurants owned by the group – after all it’s the same loved by all brand.

Online reservations, news, events, a gallery – we were on a mission to attract foodies and we were certain that they would recommend either one of the restaurants to their family and friends. Now who wants to guess where we celebrated the launch of this super online platform? Enough said.


Online Reservations

The system allows users to make a reservation online through a simple form. Users are also sent an email with the booking details.


Features used


Websites developed by NIU aren’t just amazing to look at but they also work seamlessly too. We are proud to use Wordpress as the Core CMS. The CMS infrastructure will empower you to maintain your own content and gives you full control to publish your latest news in minutes. The modular CMS includes a number of unique features such as multiple users, WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get), multimedia content, Web 2.0, User tracking, SEO amongst other notable aspects. Intensive user training and a collection of users manuals will give you the skills and knowledge you need to confidently master your website.


SEO is at the heart of any successful business. Our team of experts designs strategies, techniques and tactics to increase the amount of visitors to your website and make sure that your brand obtains a high ranking placement in the most relevant search engines.

Mobile Version

Mobile purchasing is an upward trend and is changing the world of ecommerce, and all customers have access to any brand at the press of a button. Google have put a big emphasis on mobile user experience and it is now heavily influencing mobile search rankings. Implementing an effective mobile UX strategy is critical and thanks to the NIU team your brand is in good hands.


Customers visit websites from a variety of different devices and screens and expect to enjoy the same stunning website experience each and every time therefore to best support their experience, NIU websites work perfectly on a variety of different devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.


NIU’s digital team will design an effective social media strategy ensuring that your campaign reaches your target audience and gives you the brand presence you're looking for. We'll also handle all your design work making sure that your brand collateral is powerful and attractive.

Analytics Optimisation

No matter the size of your enterprise, every business needs an analytics customisation strategy which will give you the outstanding results you're looking for. From creating custom and analyzing reports, to segmenting your audiences, setting up campaign tracking and designing modifications specifically for your brand the NIU team won't skip a bit and will give you the edge you want.

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