Aceline Entertainment

Aceline Entertainment Limited is a leading company in the field of entertainment, based in Malta. Aceline has entertained us for the past 14 years and has 32 top artists, singers and entertainers, dancers, DJs, bands, pianists and sound and vision crew in its employ. Aceline already had a website, but as they are a media company a fresh look to their website, and on that reflected our new corporate image was required. In essence, the site needed to be revamped and upgraded in keeping with the times. NIU was approached to take charge of this project.

The new Aceline website can be found on, and it offers an insight into all the different areas of entertainment which Aceline is involved in. The ‘About Us’ page provides a bit of history of the company, as well as the philosophy behind it and the various successes it has garnered through the years.

The website has a news section, which is fully up-dateable from the Content Management System without requiring intensive knowledge of ICT.

However, perhaps the most useful feature of the new Aceline site is a requirement which specified from the very beginning; On Demand airing of Aceline’s TV programmes for users to watch at their convenience. This way, you’ll never miss your favourite Aceline produced programmes, and can watch them whenever you please.

Steve Aquilina, Director of Aceline Entertainment said that NIU was the best choice he could have made. He went on to say that not only was communication crystal clear from the outset, but that NIU delivered all the way and that NIU should be rightfully proud of their after sales service, which Aquilina believes is the best he’s ever encountered. When pressed for further comment, Aquilina left us with a little entertainment industry “Prosit tal-programm!” We’re ecstatic to have satisfied Aceline all the way and wish them the best with their new, incisive, intelligent website.

Client: Aceline Entertainment Ltd.


Project: Aceline Entertainment Ltd. Website

Launch Date: October 2011